FAQ: How Do I Enter a Discount Code?

Steps For Entering a Coupon or Discount Code at Checkout

1) Add all items you wish to purchase to your cart. 

2) On the last item, you can either select "View Cart" or select the cart in the top right corner of our site (cart icon on mobile):

3) Add the supplied code to your order using the "Coupon Code" section below your carted items, then click "Apply"

4) In the "Coupon" section below labeled "Cart Totals" you should now see the % off applied to your order and the amount you saved!

Please Note: Discount coupon codes cannot be used in conjunction with other coupon codes. Discount codes currently apply to the full retail price only.


If you would like to be notified about future promotions and have your account information update automatically, click "My Account" on the main page and create an account with us!

***Please Note: Only one discount/coupon code may be used per order.***

If you have any questions, please Contact Support or call 800-651-8835

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