Pistol Peg Rack


The 11-Peg Pistol Rack can hold eleven (11) pistols that are 9mm or larger caliber. They will not fit a pistol chambered in a caliber smaller than 9mm.

The The 11-Peg Pistol Rack is 6 louvers wide, and measures 17 1/8" wide. The Pistol Peg Rack takes up 4 rows of louvers vertically, and measures roughly 7" in height. That is to say, you can fit five (5) Pistol Peg Racks in an Agile Model 52.

What cabinets will it fit?

The 11-Peg Pistol Rack will fit the Agile Model 52, Agile Model 40, and all DOD cabinets. The Pistol Peg Rack will not fit in the Fast Box models.

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