Panel Installation

Steel Wall Panel installation:

We recommend installing plywood (1/2"-3/4" thick) directly to the wall studs first. Then install the panels to the plywood with a minimum of six (6) screws. We recommend #6 Sheetrock screws, and if there is any flex in the panels put a screw in the pre-drilled hole closest to the flex.

For concrete or block wall applications:

Attach 1" x 3" or 2" x 4" furring strips to the wall with appropriate anchors. Spacing should be every 16”. Mount ½" or ¾” plywood to the furring strips. This will provide adequate depth to mount the panels so the screws do not bottom out on the block wall.

Mounting plywood in the middle of a wall can be a challenge. Establish desired distance from the floor to the bottom of the plywood. In this example we will use 36”. Locate the studs, and using two drywall screws that are 3” place the screws into the studs 36” from the floor. Place your plywood on top of the screws. The two screws will support the weight of the plywood. Put another two drywall screws, that are 3” in length, through the plywood into the studs at the top of the plywood. Do not tighten. Leave a ¼” of the screw sticking out. Now tie a piece of string to the top screw and pull it down wrapping it around the lower screw. This will establish a straight line over the plywood lined up the stud. You can then insert screws along the string through the plywood into the studs. When compete, remove the two lower screws and tighten the two on top.

Add additional screws as needed.

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