Fast Box 47 Install and Lock Instructions

Fast Box Model 47 

Lock Function with Key Overide

Note #1:

Store key in a secure place – NOT in Fast Box

1. Open Fast Box

a) insert key into lock and turn clockwise

b) turn the black knob clockwise to open

2. Install 9 volt battery - Not Included Remove the silver metal plate on the inside of door with Phillips head screwdriver to insert battery

Note #2:

Factory push button combination is “1-2-3-4-1”. Open the Fast Box before resetting the code

3. Reset factory combination

a) press and release the red button inside the door panel

b) LED light will turn green indicating the system is ready

c) push any sequence of buttons (up to 8) as your new combination while the green light is lit (the green light stays lit for about 6 seconds)

d) immediately push red button again to retain code

e) the LED light will blink green twice for confirmation

4. Confirm that new combination works

a) keep door open

b) enter combination and turn knob to confirm it works

c) if wrong code is entered the LED light will flash red after 8 digits

d) wait 10 seconds for system to clear before re-entering

5. Practice unlocking your box

The locking system will go into sleep mode 10 seconds after last entry

6. If battery power gets low

a) LED light will turn red if battery power get low

b) key over ride will open box if battery loses power

7. Lock box

a) close door and turn knob counter-clockwise to lock

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