Agile™ - Lock Instructions (Code Setup & Reset)

Lock Instructions

Your new Agile series gun cabinet comes with a customizable electronic push button lock system and a key override system (two keys are included).

Factory Default Lock Settings:

1. One User Code Password: 1-1-1-1-1-1-#
a. Note: must always use # symbol at end.
2. Keypad Sound: Off
3. Low Battery: Green, Yellow, and Red Light Flash
4. No Power: No Light Active/Flash LED lights - Green/Yellow/Red (From left to right)
Notice: Be sure to keep the cabinet door OPEN when  changing the lock program features

Before Cabinet Assembly:

Install a new high-quality or brand name 9V battery before assembly of the gun cabinet. Make sure the lock is functioning properly before full assembly.
When cabinet assembly is complete, you can open the door with either the electronic keypad or the physical key override. Make sure you store the override keys in a separate location, other than your Agile series cabinet.
Also, be sure to write down and store your six-digit user code and store it in a safe place in case you forget it. If you do forget your user code, you can open the safe with the key override. You can then reprogram the lock with a new user code.
If the keypad battery fails, then the cabinet can also be opened with the override key. The battery can then be replaced on the back panel of the door once the cabinet is re-opened.
NOTICE: DO NOT store the override keys in  your cabinet!!!

Programming your User Code:

Step 1 - The Agile series cabinets come standard with ONE (1) user mode and ONE (1) user code password
Step 2 - The factory default code: 1-1-1-1-1-1-#
Step 3 - Enter the factory default code to unlock your Agile series cabinet
Step 4 - If the user code is entered correctly, a YELLOW light will flash twice followed by a GREEN light (that will remain lit for five (5) seconds), indicating that you can open the door during the time the GREEN light is ON. The door will lock automatically if it is not opened during the time the GREEN indicator light is lit.
Step 5 - If the user code is entered incorrectly, the yellow light will flash THREE (3) times with NO GREEN light flashing.
Step 6 - If the wrong user code is entered four ( 4) times in a row, the keypad will lock you out of the system for four ( 4) minutes. The YELLOW light will flash every five (5) seconds during this lockout period. Once the lockout period has ended, you may retry entering your user code on the keypad.

Entering a NEW User Code:

Step 7 - Enter your user code and the"#" symbol. The GREEN light will come on for five (5) seconds. Enter"*" (asterisk) before GREEN light goes off.
Step 8 - The YELLOW light will flash twice and stay on for twenty (20) seconds. During this time enter your NEW 6-digit user code with"#" at the end followed by a second entry of this new user code with"#" at the end again to confirm the changed user code. Note: must always use # symbol at end.
Step 9 - If you have successfully changed the user code, the YELLOW light will flash twice. Try your new user code a few times to confirm it is working properly.

New User Code Via the RED RESET BUTTON:

Step 1 - Remove the black rubber cover on the back panel of the door. Press the RED RESET BUTTON once, the YELLOW light will flash twice on the electronic keypad and stay on for twenty (20) seconds.
Step 2 - Enter a new 6-digit user code with"#" at the end. This must be done before the YELLOW light goes off.
Step 3 - If you successfully programmed a new user code, the YELLOW light will flash twice.
Step 4 - Test your new user code to confirm it is working properly.

Turning the Keypad Sound ON/OFF:

• Enter CODE *633 to turn keypad sound OFF
• Enter CODE *66 to turn keypad sound ON

Low Battery Warning:

If the GREEN, Yellow, and RED indicator light appear simultaneously OR no light appears while you are entering your user code, the battery is low or possibly dead. Change your lock battery AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
NOTICE: We HIGHLY recommend using a high quality/name brand  battery for best performance

Replacing the Battery:

If the battery requires replacing, you can open your Agile cabinet by removing the machine screws on the Agile nameplate (next to the door handle) and using the key override system.
The battery box is located inside the back panel of the cabinet door. Be sure to inset the battery with the proper terminals oriented to match the symbols on the battery box for proper operation. You may also see the size of the terminal openings inside the battery box, which helps with correct orientation.

See the attached full guide for printable assembly and reprogramming steps!

If you are experiencing a locking issue with any of your cabinets please reach out to us at or Contact us here! and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible. 

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